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    Mica sheet

    Mica sheet

    Item: AIFLON 4300
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    Detailed Product Description: Mica sheet

    An asbestos-free sealing material, It¡ˉs made by selected mica material mixed with proper adhesive after pressed and baked, It has good mechanical strength and strength and property of heat resistance. It can be cut into various gaskets, also used as filler for spiral wound gaskets. On request, it can be reinforced with tanged metal. It has proven beyond doubt the best and most reliable permanent sealing characteristics, low minimum compressive load, self-adjusting to enlarging gaps, no burning or sticking to flanges, compensating action in ceramic/steel joints with unequal expansion.
    4300 Soft Golden Mica Sheet
    4300I Golden Mica Sheet Reinforced with Tanged Metal
    4320 Soft White Mica Sheet
    4322 Hard White Mica Sheet

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