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    Nomex Fiber packing

    Nomex Fiber packing

    Item: AIFLON 2204
    Description: Nomex Fiber packing
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    Detailed Product Description: Nomex Fiber packing

    Nomex Fiber Packing AIFLON 2204 Nomex Fiber Packing Made of 100£¥ white elastic symtheic fibers on an aramed base (Nomex),with a silicon-oil-free lubricant.High cross-sectional density and structural strengrh,good sliding characteristic,gentle on shaft surfaces.


    A univetsal,wear-resistant packing that is mevirtheliss gentle tk shaft surface.Dseigned specially for pumps,agitators,mixers,dmeaders,refiners erc.It"s excellently suitable for standarrdization in entire industrial sectors,e.g. pulp and paper,sugsr production,breweries,sewage sustems,water conditioning for power stations,for coolong water and abrasive river water,in turbine oilcircuits,and other areas requiting aclean, and easy-to -install packing 2204SC,especially for those machines with severe vibration.

    Service Limits

    T 250
    PH 0-14
    V 25m/s

    Rotating 25bar
    Reciprocating 50bar
    Valve 100bar


    Forms of supply:
    Packing Ring R2240

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